About Women & Our Woods

Vermont's Women & Our Woods (previously Women Owning Woodlands- VT) mission is to create opportunities to engage and empower women landowners to help ensure our forests remain a healthy, connected, well-managed resource for all to enjoy.

We are a collective of partners committed to connecting women landowners with the information, resources, and support needed to make informed decisions regarding their land.

While the work of WOW VT was started many years ago, with the work of individual organizations, our collaborative initiative took root in 2019.  Today, we are a collaborative initiative focused on creating a sustainable network of support and providing women-focused educational and networking opportunities to Vermont woodland owners.

To learn more about our mission and our work, watch the WOW-VT introduction video below:

Visit our YouTube Channel here.

Want to connect?  Email us at wownetvt@gmail.com.  

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