Our Forested Landscape

Vermont's forests are an invaluable resource that provides enormous benefits and a range of critical services and products. Forests provide water supply and water quality protection, flood control and protection, wildlife habitat and biodiversity, clean air and CO2 sequestration, and scenic beauty. As a natural resource, Vermont forests provide an economic base for employment, tourism, and recreation and support a diverse forest products industry that contributes an estimated 20,555 jobs and $1.4 billion in economic output. At 74% forested, Vermont is the fourth most forested state in the U.S. and provides the underpinning of the benefits and values Vermonters appreciate and enjoy. 80% of Vermont’s forests are privately owned, so engaging private landowners in supporting the health and longevity of our forests is paramount. A thriving forest economy, functioning natural systems, and high quality of life rely on maintaining healthy forests across Vermont’s landscape.

Learn more about Vermont's forest through the VT Agency of Natural Resources' Story Map for Biological Diversity of Vermont's Forest ( to be linked when available).