Planning for Your Woods

Planning is one of the most important steps to your success as a steward of the woods. A plan provides you with a framework or a road map for visualizing the future. It helps you understand the condition of your forest, identify your goals, and prioritizes actions you can take to help improve and protect your property. Developing and following a plan will ensure that your property and its resources will be healthy and productive for future generations. Don't forget that planning is a continuous process. Your plan should be updated regularly to account for changes in your objectives or changing forest conditions.

Develop a management plan. Whether you are an individual landowner or a community, your woods needs a plan! While a forest management plan should be developed by a professional, check out About My Woods and My Land Plan as tools to help you get started identifying management goals and objectives.

Hire a professional. Learn about the role of professionals and find a consulting forester.

Plan a legacy for your woodlands. Consider the long-term plan for your forest.

Find an organization.  Check out the directory of organizations available to assist you with education, technical, or financial assistance.

Get resources. Explore all the resources available to help you get started.