Did you know that Vermont has over 300 species of trees in Vermont, both native and introduced?  Learning to identify Vermont trees takes time, patience and practice.  We use several characteristics to assist in identifying trees, including the type of tree (whether it is coniferous or deciduous), leaves (how they are arranged, their shape, etc..), buds, barks, fruit, twig, and the overall size and shape of the tree.

Discover tools to help identify VT trees:

  • Learn the language of tree identification.  Checkout this narrated presentation from VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation on Tree Identification to learn some of the terminology for describing and distinguishing various features of trees.
  • Use a key.  Checkout What Tree is It? an online interactive key. 
  • Download an App.  Checkout out LeafSnap: an electronic field guide and App which allows you to submit photo's of leaves to help identify trees.