2017 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Announced

The Vermont Woodlands Association and the Vermont Tree Farm program are proud to announce the selection of David and Jenny Stoner of Craftsbury Common as the recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award. The Stoner Family Tree Farm is located in Greensboro, Vermont. The family was nominated by Orleans County Forester Jared Nunery and consulting forester Ross Morgan who nominated them not only for their commitment to their woodlot and woodlands, but for the stewardship ethic that they embody.

The Stoners 361-acre Certified Tree Farm, purchased in the late 1990s, is located in Greensboro. They have worked as a family to manage it from the ground up for the last 20 plus years. The Stoner Family began considering owning and managing land in Vermont when they attended a workshop in the early 1980s led by Ross Morgan, who then became their Consulting Forester. The Stoners have implemented a variety of habitat management practices with assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), in addition to working with Morgan on commercial harvest. They have spent the last 20 years releasing over 280 abandoned apple trees on their property. Their land is important to two major watersheds in Vermont, with most of the drainage making its way to the Black River and north to Lake Memphremagog, as well as a smaller portion flowing into Caspian Lake in Greensboro, which then flows to the Lamoille that feeds into Lake Champlain.

The Stoners realize the value their land has to their family and their community, and Nunery states that, “The Stoner Family is the first landowner who invited me and their forester to walk their land with three generations of the family to specifically discuss the transfer of not only their land, but a common land ethic and management objectives.” That is, their land to the public via use of a ski trail connecting Greensboro and Craftsbury. The Stoners exemplify stewardship and are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with the public by hosting workshops with the Forest Stewards Guild, NRCS, and with their community.

For more information about the Tree Farm program or to inquire about becoming a Tree Farm forester, contact the administrative office at 802-747-7900 or emailinfo@vermontwoodlands.org.