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Recieve Forest Health Updates

Get the most recent information on statewide forest health conditions.

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What's Wrong with your Tree?

Wondering what's wrong with your tree? Learn more about common forest pests and diseases.

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Get Information on EAB for Forest Landowners

Got questions about managing ash in your woodlot? Check out this factsheet.

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Invasives Issues

Check out VTinvasives.org for all you need to know about identifying and controlling invasive plants, forest pests, and aquatic organisms.

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Keeping Your Woods Healthy

Learn more about forest health management through the Department of Forest, Parks & Recreation's Landowner Guides to a Successful Timber Harvest.

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Get EAB Quaratine Information

Learn about the EAB quarantine and find recommendations to slow the spread.

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Submit a Specimen

Learn how to collect and where to send specimens to get a timely and accurate diagnosis.