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The Waterworks Property, 4783 Plank Rd. Bristol, VT.

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Vermont Family Forests

Game of Logging Level 2

The Game of Logging training program combines Scandinavian logging techniques with the latest systems for working safely around trees. We cannot overstate the value of these courses. We have participants who’ve used chainsaws for 30 years prior to taking GOL Level I say that the course changed the way they work in the woods. The GOL courses must be taken in sequence. (Even if you have chainsaw experience, you must begin with Level I). Level 2. Maximizing Saw Performance. The morning portion of this workshop focuses on maximizing chainsaw performance through basic maintenance and filing techniques. In the woods, you'll learn limbing and bucking techniques and spring pole cutting, and will practice more tree felling. Thursday, April 18, 2019. 8AM-4:30PM one-day course. Maximum 10 participants.
  • General Maintenance
  • The Cutter Tooth
  • Hands-on practice of chain filing
  • Review of cutting techniques
  • Bucking issues
  • Reading compression and tension in the tree bucking process

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