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University of Vermont Extension Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation

Webinar: Silvicultural Considerations for Vermont’s Ash within the Context of EAB

Ash species constitute over 5% of Vermont’s forests; however, localized abundance can be quite high in several habitat types, including northern hardwood, riparian, and lowland forest ecosystems. The introduced emerald ash borer (EAB) poses a significant threat to the state’s ash resource having established and caused significant ash mortality in over 30 states and three Canadian provinces since its introduction to North America in 2002.  Recently, EAB was confirmed in three counties in Vermont heightening concerns over the future of ash in the region and generating renewed focus on appropriate management response.  This webinar will explore silvicultural considerations for ash in Vermont’s forests by drawing from experiences with this insect in other regions, as well as updated recommendations for addressing this threat in the state. 

Presenter: Anthony D’Amato, PhD, Associate Professor of Silviculture and Applied Forest Ecology, UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

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