Adapting Forests to Changing Conditions: Tools and Approaches for Natural Resource Professionals

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More and more information is becoming available about how forests and other ecosystems may change in response to a warmer and changing climate, but it can be challenging to integrate this information into management plans and activities. Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers provides a suite of resources for natural resource professionals to use to integrate climate change considerations into their work, helping ecosystems adapt to changing conditions while still meeting goals for management and conservation. This presentation will describe how the Forest Adaptation Resources ad its Adaptation Workbook can be used to think about climate change for management planning and project development. It will also provide examples of real-world management projects that have used the Adaptation Workbook, drawing from a network of more than 200 adaptation demonstrations.

Presenter: Maria Janowiak, Deputy Director, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, USDA Forest Service