Exploring Silvicultural Strategies in New England: American Beech

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Continuing the silvicultural theme, this webinar will explore the story of American beech in the northern hardwood forests. We will look at current and past management activities that have influenced hardwood species distribution across the Northeast. Then, we will look at the trends of American beech, sugar maple, red maple, and birch and explore factors (biotic and abiotic) driving the dominance of beech in the under and mid-story. Dr. Bose will share his research looking at characteristics of different stand types where we have the presence of beech, and which factors (biotic and abiotic) contributes the transition from a stand with beech as a minor component to a stand with beech as a major component. He will also discuss the use of herbicide and offer management recommendations to control beech.

Presenter: Dr. Arun Bose, Postdoc Research Associate, School of Forest Resources, University of Maine