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Change to EAB Flight Season Announced

The State of Vermont’s has changed the definition of the emerald ash borer (EAB) flight season, which will now be redefined as JUNE 1st - SEPTEMBER 30th. Optimal practices are to move ash from the Infested Area only during the “Non-flight Season” for EAB.

The previous definition of the EAB flight season in Vermont began on May 1st and reflected average EAB emergence dates elsewhere in the United States. After careful consideration of growing degree day (GDD) models, the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation and Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets determined that EAB emergence does not actually begin until June in Vermont. This change is being made in order to better reflect local conditions in Vermont and prevent undue constraints on ash management activities. Despite this change, we urge all persons utilizing ash resources to still adhere to Vermont’s Slow the Spread (STS) recommendations. Please note the new flight season dates and take time to refamiliarize yourself with STS recommendations before the 2019 flight season begins in June. Movement of visibly infested ash that is not in compliance with the “Slow the Spread” recommendations can be subject to enforcement action from the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

This change pertains to the State of Vermont only and does not exempt Vermont from federal EAB quarantine rules and regulations. Although USDA APHIS has proposed changes to the domestic quarantine regulations for EAB, that process is still under review and no decisions have been made at this point in time. Therefore, these rules and regulations must be adhered to until further notice. For more information on federal and state quarantine regulations, please visit: https://vtinvasives.org/land/emerald-ash-borer-vermont/quarantine-information 

We'd like your feedback on "Slow the Spread"

Please take a few minutes to complete a VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation survey about Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). When EAB was confirmed in Vermont in 2018, a group of state and federal partners developed and launched the "Slow the Spread" effort to guide Vermonters with recommendations on how to reduce the risk of unnecessarily spreading EAB to uninfested areas. One year later, we would like to learn about how well those recommendations worked for the user groups they were developed for and make any adjustments, if necessary, prior to the next EAB flight season. Learn more about EAB and Vermont's Slow the Spread recommendations at www.VTinvasives.org/EAB. Please complete the survey by May 1, and if you have questions or need assistance, please email Jenny Lauer or call 802.828.1531.

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